I simply want to help entrepreneurs like you achieve big dreams.

Starting and running a business is never easy. I understand. Having to build and run a good website is a whole other thing business owners worry about. You don’t have to.

Let me create a great website for you so you can focus to grow and work towards your dreams.

My dream is to take photos around the globe. What’s yours?

Growing businesses and communities.

I spend my time and energy on specific efforts to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses sustainably.

  • Visual user experience design

    Designs that look good is never enough. I focus on sparking interest in customers and lead them to take action (buy from you).

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

    I help websites rank well on Google searches by optimizing every pixel for performance and mobile friendliness.

  • Knowledge sharing

    I actively contribute to online communities to help entrepreneurs learn to manage and make the best use of their websites.


I started to “design” websites in Microsoft Paint

I got hooked into web design since we got our first PC running Windows 98. I had a lot of fun pretending to design Dragon Ball websites in MS Paint.

It was a stupid hobby but it kicked-off my web design journey from ancient Geocities and Flash pages to modern, corporate websites and eCommerce platforms. My websites now generate actual income for real businesses.

Fast forward to university though...

Solving problems

How Engineering evolved me as a web designer.

You know the typical Malaysian boy mindset? I got myself an engineering degree and I’m making a pretty cool career out of it. But I used to think engineering is the end of my web design journey. I was so wrong. It became my best asset.

Engineering taught me how to effectively work with companies to solve technical and commercial problems and achieve big goals. It’s a lesson no design course can ever truly teach.

My session during an Society of Petroleum Engineers Asia Pacific event.

I no longer just make pretty things in a browser.

Web design became a machine for me to help entrepreneurs reach amazing goals.

Why Nadzim.com?

A good website is, more than ever before, an important component to build a successful business in 2023.

I put up this Nadzim.com website so entrepreneurs like you would know a world-class website for your business is within your reach.

You don’t have to choose between years of learning programming codes or settling for a ‘template’ website made by people who don’t give a damn.

Let’s work together and create an amazing website that gets you high-value customers, grow your business, and realize your dreams.

Why not start today?

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